Actress Nina Dobrev Gets ‘Sweet Sweet Ride’ from Innovative Auto Craft

While actress Nina Dobrev rose to fame due to her role in hit CW series Vampire Diaries, she’s always wanted to be Batman … or at least drive his car. With the help of Innovative Auto Craft and her friend Jake Delaney, Dobrev recently got the surprise of her life!

Delaney made Dobrev cover her eyes as he guided her to her very own Batmobile (which is disguised as a Tesla). Safe to say, her reaction was PRICELESS! We couldn’t help, but watch along as she captured the whole thing as it unfolded on Instagram stories. 

Hollywood Reporter states that her social media ranking skyrocketed after she shared her new ride on her pages – going from the 11th spot to number two in less than week. Kevin Rutherford added that”A chief driver of Dobrev’s 6 million Instagram favorites (up 38 percent) was a post of her new Tesla electric car.” Based on global data provided by social media analytics company MVPindex, this is the highest she’s ever ranked.

We especially love when she says: “It’s a Tesla: fuel efficient, good for the environment and it makes me look like a badass.” Those are three valid reasons to get your hands on a new vehicle and bring it over to Innovative so it looks exactly how you want it. It is reported that she ditched her Audi and Mercedes for this “sweet sweet ride” that is much more eco-friendly. Not only does a matte black Tesla make Dobrev happy, but the environment is thankful for it as well.

Being that it’s zero-emissions, meaning it doesn’t emit pollutants from its exhaust, the vehicle definitely conforms to U.S. safety, environmental and durability standards. Teslas are even capable of going from zero to 60 mph in around four seconds, have a top speed of better than 130 mph, and can travel up to 250 miles on a single charge.

What makes it “green?” According to Slate, “battery-powered cars are more efficient at converting their stored energy into forward progress and [Tesla’s] official EPA miles-per-gallon equivalent is 89, far greater than a standard Toyota Prius.”

Its modern design is also hard to resist. Upon purchasing, you can pick from a variety of colors, but if there’s another shade you prefer on your Tesla model, you can always get it wrapped in vinyl. At Innovative Auto Craft, we specialize in vinyl wrapping and do so with the utmost precision and care for your vehicle.

After taking the car apart and wrapping each piece individually then putting it back together, the car looks brand new due to this minor transformation. “I literally can’t with this matte black finish. It’s actually the Batmobile,” Dobrev said. On her ride, we finished the car off with window tints to keep the paparazzi away so she can have her Batgirl moment in private.

We’re so glad they trusted none other than Innovative Auto Craft with this surprise transformation. We think it looks amazing and get excited every time Dobrev is spotted in her new toy which will be fun to ride for many years to come.


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