How Aerodynamics Improve Performance

There is a reason race cars look the way they do: their design is appealing to the eye and the track. Specific aerodynamic features also enhance each aspect of the vehicle to work with air and wind that causes resistance.

While it may be unnoticeable to some, these forces are evidently causing the car to drag which impacts the way a car accelerates, handles and achieves fuel mileage.

Ever wondered how aerodynamics really affect the performance of vehicles? Think of it as the wings on an airplane which provide smooth build up of air pressure and create a flow that maintains different speeds.

Vehicles with improved air flow gain better downforce, achieve proper speeds and ease of acceleration. If you’re thinking about upgrading the aerodynamics on your Chevrolet Corvette ZO6 (pictured above) look no further. The options are endless and available at Innovative Auto Craft.

There is an extensive list of carbon fiber parts which include front splitter/air dam with under-tray, bumper canards/spats, side rocker extensions, rear diffuser with under-tray, adjustable rear deck spoiler, side mirrors, hood vent, front fender vents or rear quarter panel vents.

You can also find the perfect aerodynamic kit for your McLaren, Lamborghini, Ferrari or Porsche at Innovative. What would you add to your vehicle? Call us today to book an appointment!

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