Never Been Done: Chrome Porsche Wrap

What better way to represent Garage Goals Official on the streets than with a custom wrap on an insane ride? This wasn’t just another wrap … the team created a unique mosaic with black chrome base, topped with red and gold chrome accents. Their vehicle of choice? A Porsche GT4.

Nelson Abramyan, owner of Innovative Auto Craft said “We put in a lot of time into perfecting this wrap.” He added that every single wrap done at the shop requires them to detrim the entire car. From the bumper to mirrors and door handles, they must take it apart in order to get a close wrap around and make it seem as close to a paint job as possible.

Describing it doesn’t do the car justice, you have to see it for yourself! Not even pictures or videos can capture its stunning shine and reflectivity better than seeing it with your own eyes. You will notice the details in lettering and icons done specifically for Garage Goals by Innovative, even the black chrome wheels and brake calipers wrapped in red chrome are their exclusive secret.

To top it off, they finished the look with an added layer of Ceramic Pro for extra protection since the chrome is very sensitive and prone to scratches. This also gives it the amazing shiny finish that you won’t see on other vehicles.

The car itself came in white and the Innovative team was excited to create this amazing transformation with a customized wrap knowing that it would leave the GG team speechless with the finished product. It might have been one of the most difficult wraps they have done, but it was worth it.

Check out the clip below for an inside look at how this collab came about:

If you ever have an idea for unique wraps or decals, you know who to call. The team at Innovative Auto Craft is ready to take care of all of your collision and customization needs. Find them on Beverly Blvd to see what they’re working on next!


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