The Project Profile Series: Prior Design Wide Body C63 AMG

We present the Prior Design Wide Body C63 AMG, an Innovative Auto Craft exclusive that has been turning heads throughout LA. For this project, our goal was to hone in on the aggressive aesthetic of the C63. No corners were to be cut and only top of the line names were to be used. Below, we highlight some of the key elements of the project.

The centerpiece of the project is certainly the wide body kit from one of the most respected brands in the industry, Prior Design. The tailor-made Prior Design aerodynamic kit features the highest quality materials, exceptional design, and superb craftsmanship. Needless to say, the wide body gave the C63 AMG the forceful and refined appearance which we were looking to create.

Next, we outfitted the C63 AMG with top-tier Rennen International forged wheels. The high-gloss black wheels add shine to the vehicle and complement the body color to create a sleek appearance.

The final element we want to highlight is the AccuAir e-Level Air Suspension, the ultimate suspension control system. The e-Level allows the car’s height to be controlled and adjusted to road conditions. This premium suspension upgrade was the perfect way of wrapping the project up and turning this C63 AMG loose on the streets.

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